Our staff

There are many people behind the scenes making sure things run smoothly at Holy Trinity.  Meet the team.

Churchwardens: Laurie Moore (Vicar’s Warden) Peter Arnott, Nola Hatton (People’s Wardens)

Other Members of Vestry: Julia Fox, Christine Hedin, Rod Jepson, Lynette Peters, Margaret Webster

Synod Representatives: Peter Arnott, Julia Fox

Treasurer: Nola Hatton

Associate Priests: Fr David Warner, Rev Jean Penman AM

Organist: Laurie Moore

Lay Readers: Peter Arnott, David Aspin, Janet Duke, Philip Kent

Sacristans: Celia Sweetman and Lyn Walton

Worship Rosters: Lynne Mitchell

Offering envelopes: Peter Arnott

Meditation Group: Peter Arnott and David Warner

Sausage Sizzles in AFL season: Peter Arnott

Requests for Sacramental ministry (Baptism, Confession, Healing, Marriage, Funerals, Interment of Ashes): The Vicar.